Monday, November 21, 2011

Cult Nails - Super Power Collection

Look what I got in the mail today! The Super Powers pre-order from Cult Nails! Yayzer beams!

(L to R) Time Traveler, Power Thief, Mind Control, Clairvoyant
Cult Nails - Super Power Collection

I missed out on the pre-sale of Unicorn Puke, but when Maria from Cult Nails/R3Daily offered up a pre-sale of the entire Super Power collection, you bet I jumped on that so fast my credit card smoked a bit. :P

Here's my long-awaited Clairvoyant (aka Unicorn Puke) in all her sparkly, flakie, multicolored glory:
Cult Nails - Clairvoyant (Unicorn Puke)

Cult Nails will be running a Black Friday sale this coming weekend (November 25 - 28). All polishes will be $7.75 each, nail treatments $6, and glass nail files $10.

Cult Nails - Super Power Collection

I can't wait to try these beauties out!

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